​Personalised Bears

A personalised bear makes a unique gift for someone special or the perfect keepsake for a special occasion.

The bears are personalised with machine embroidered names, dates or messages of their foot pads.

They can be fully dressed in either pretty dresses with lace trimmed bloomers or dungarees with a shirt or trousers with a waistcoat.

Or if you prefer something simpler your bear can just be wearing a smart waistcoat or a pretty bolero, or even no clothes at all and just a bow around it's neck.  The choice is yours!

Personalised bears can be made from synthetic plush or mohair.  Prices, sizes and photos are below.

For synthetic plush bears :-

      Size                     Fully Dressed              With a waistcoat or bolero           Bare, with just a bow

          11"                                       £27                                                       £23                                                                £19
          15"                                       £38                                                       £33                                                                £28

          18"                                       £43                                                       £38                                                                £33

          22"                                       £53                                                       £48                                                                £41

For mohair bears :-

      Size                     Fully Dressed              With a waistcoat or bolero           Bare, with just a bow

         11"                                        £56                                                      £52                                                                £48

           15"                                       £78                                                      £72                                                                £68

           18"                                       £88                                                      £83                                                                £78

           22"                                       £110                                                    £103                                                             £98

UK Delivery Rates :-

For delivery in the UK the following delivery rates will be added to the above prices

11" bear  £4            15" bear £6             18" bear £9              22" bear £12

If you live locally you are welcome to come and collect your bear to save on postage.
To place your order just email me via the 'Contact Us' page with your requirements.
Please note that the bears are not suitable as a toy for a young child, so if purchased for a new baby or first birthday/christmas they are intended as a keepsake to sit on a shelf out of reach until the child is older.